Dr. Sundar PS

MD Acupuncture & Varmam

Certified Chiropractor

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Past life regression Therapist

I have been researching & practicing for many years on various ancient chiropractic and Varmam techniques which instantly relived pain without medication using the energy balancing techniques to use the excessive wasted energy accumulated in the body which creates pressure on joints and muscles causing tensions and Pain.

My main expertise is in Chiropractic Adjustment and Alignment using DORN method and Energy Balancing using Varmam for Cervical Neck issues, Migraine Headache, Vertigo, Pain and Lower back Pain L5 S1 disc degeneration Disc buldge problems, Thoracic Adjustment, Lumbar vertebrae, Sacrum and Tail bone Adjustment, and other problems as stomach bloted, liver related issues, kidney issues, heart related issues, lungs issues neck and Shoulder treatment, Full body balancing massage therapy